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Re: Expansion of JowettTalk (but NOT world domination)

From: Ian Howell
Category: Technical
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Date: 24 May 2005
Time: 13:02:09


Tony: (Is that me you mean - Ian H? ) I think Eric has summed it up nicely (and got an unpaid job into the bargain!). A couple of points though: - I only found the 'Jowett Talk' site after a fair bit of 'surfing', so the idea of publicity in the Jowetteer seems timely. I am not sure about the benefits of a poster, but nothing ventured - nothing gained. Also, it may be only me, but I keep finding that the 'Jowett' website that appears early in the search results list on Google is generally unobtainable. I have been looking at the authorship lines and going through Keith Clements site. Hope to catch up with some / all of you at Basingstoke. Regards Ian Howell

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