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Expansion of JowettTalk (but NOT world domination)

From: Tony Fearn
Fromemail: fearnfamily@btinternet.comnospam
Category: Social
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Date: 23 May 2005
Time: 02:54:11


Hello to you all - Ken R, Keith C, Chris H, Chris C, Rob, Ed N, Eric A, Scott R, David M, George G, Ian H, Neil H, Bryan W, Bill B, Jan S, Peter G, Peter D, Daniel W, Harry H and even Old Uncle Tom Cobleigh. I presume that most of us who contribute to this site have noticed that recently, apart from the Widdicombe crowd, a core of only 20 - 25 people chat and give help to each other as far as we can see when accessing Frameset for JowettTalk. No doubt there will be other people visiting the site, perhaps from all over the world, who will access it for the technical and other info it can supply, but will never think of posting or replying to an article. Never-the -less, I just wonder if the site should be publicised to a wider audience here in the UK at least, especially amongst our members, or even their children, who tend to have a bit more knowledge of all things Internet-based than most of us wrinklies. I realise that Keith hasn't much time to publicise the site himself, being a global peripatetic, but wonder if someone could prepare a poster with all the relevant details on it to be displayed at the National Rally in Basingstoke at the end of the week. I'm sure that there are more than 25 Club members out of the total membership that have access to a P.C. and the Internet in their homes. If most of them know about the site and choose not to get involved, then OK, but if there are many out there, like me, who are not very used to all this new technology, and haven't yet visited JowettTalk, then perhaps what's known as an Idiot's Guide to the JowettTalk forum could be presented, either at the Basingstoke Rally as a poster, or published in a future edition of the Jowetteer. All it would need is a simple step by step guide type of 'recipe' (1 to whatever) for how to get JowettTalk on to the "Favourites" site on people's computers. What do the 20-25 regular contributors, or even the Jowett Juniors think of the idea?? Qu'avez-vous a repondre?

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