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Electronic Ignition for DKYH4A Distributor

From: Eric Aldcroft
Category: Javelin
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Date: 13 May 2005
Time: 00:27:54


Following on from an earlier discussion started on October 30, 2004, I would now like to report that I have installed a breakerless ignition system on my 1950/51 Javelin. As per the earlier discussion, I've installed a Pertronix "Ignitor" system. Pertronix are based in California ( and I bought the unit from a dealer in Michigan. I don't know what the availability in the UK is. The Model number is P-LU-146M and installation was straightforward. I have also installed a Pertronix "Flame Thrower" coil and iridium electrode sparking plugs (NGK BPR6HIX). The car is now running very well, and hopefully the ignition system should now be close to maintenance free!

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