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Javelin Steering Wheels

From: David Morris
Category: Technical
Remote Name:
Date: 20 Apr 2005
Time: 17:10:26


Hi there, Somewhere I read that you can fit Mountney Steering Wheels to the splined version of the Javelin steering columns. However, enquiries with Mountney have drawn a blank. Does anyone have some ideas? It looks as if you would need a compatible boss kit, onto which you could then bolt a suitable wheel. There is no problem with the wheels, but a compatible boss kit seems to be the problem. By the way, did you see the overhead shot of a Javelin on page 4 of The Times on Monday? I cannot find the registration number in the register, so presumably it has sadly been scrapped. It was interesting in that it has the roof-top radio aerial and is a later model probably 1952 or 1953. The photo dates from 1953. All the best, David Morris

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