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Re: Wooden floor

From: Ian Howell
Category: Javelin
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Date: 13 Apr 2005
Time: 13:09:36


Chris: - This is a relatively simple job. I assume that there is no trace of the previous floor? I did this job on one of my Javelins about 30 years ago, but I used the old floor as a pattern. It shouldn't be difficult to make a paper, cardboard or hardboard template to use as a cutting guide. I used 1/2" marine ply, but the depth of the recess around the edges should show you the thickness required. The board is held in by self-tapping countersunk screws from the top - I think there were cup washers on the screws on mine. The starter solenoid was also mounted to the floorboard on mine. There was a hole to enable the plunger to be operated from inside the vehicle in the event of a solenoid failure, but my wife found that high heels sometimes engaged the starter when we were underway, which was noisy but seemed to do no lasting damage! With a new floor it might be possible to relocate the solenoid under the seat more, out of the way. I also painted my floor with matt black top and bottom, the same as the original (mine had woodworm). I think I useed blackboard paint but unless you are a 'purist' I suppose anything that improves the appearance (bare wood is very disconcerting to MOT mechanics)or extends the likely service life would be a good idea. I think there was a flattish dome plate over a hole about 5" diameter where the universal joint lays - but this might be in the back seat? Good luck with the repair.

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