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Re: Jowetteer advert 2/05

From: Ian Howell
Category: Javelin
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Date: 05 Apr 2005
Time: 10:23:57


Tony: - It's not just vintage back axles. Back in the early 1970's (possibly even the late 1960's) I found a quantity of spares in the workshops of Torquay Motors (They still had Jowetts listed as one of their agencies - at least in the signwriting over the showroom - I think I have a photo somewhere). I took their service manager for a ride around town and he very generously donated all their remaining stock to me - mostly small spares, gaskets, valves etc. As I was on holiday with a full car at the time, I passed on one item to a local Jowetteer (Well actually someone in Cornwall near Saltash). That item was a complete new back axle. But . . In the 'lot' was a spares book, with items marked up that were to be ordered and kept as stock. On the back axle page was the pencilled entry: - 'Order one complete spare - won't need one for ages'. How right he was!!

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