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Re: ? Jowett bonnet ornament

From: Ken Rogers
Category: Pre War
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Date: 27 Mar 2005
Time: 22:47:08


Whether or not your mascot was marketed by Jowett remains for someone more knowledgable to comment on, but I thought you may be interested to know that in Noel Stokoe's excellent book 'Jowett 1901-1954', on page 29 there is a photo of a Long Four of about 1928 I would guess, and adourning the radiator is a mascot which very much fits your description, a very beautiful thing it looks too! Perhaps Noel may be able to comment further. If it is of any use to you incase you don't have the book, the car's registration reads KU (8?)375 which is I believe a Bradford number. Could this be the very car your mascot came off?

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