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Re: Javelin heater modification

From: kc
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Category: Technical
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Date: 17 Mar 2005
Time: 23:41:04


I have all the Jowetteers since about 1960. There is a project when I retire to put them on CD and make them searchable! If you would like to search the index on the web (by using the 'Find on this page function' of your browser then I can put the article on the web. This is what I found!!! Heater, Javelin 63 Feb 04 (...more on) 63 Dec 03 (...more on) 64 Feb 07 Heating & Demisting, Improving - Javelin 70 Mar 34 Now would you believe I am missing the 63-02 pg 3 even though the copy is stapled together. It must hve been missing originally. So if anybody has this page please scan and send to me. You will see the pages I have inthe library section of

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