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Re: Gear change

From: kc
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Category: Technical
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Date: 11 Mar 2005
Time: 22:43:02


The bottom of the Javelin gear change is totally different. I hope you can see from the pictures. should give you a good idea on differences. Adjusting the mechanism is not easy even if there are no faults in the arms.  I suggest you disconnect the selector arm that moves the gear shaft  up and down. Then hold the gear stick in reverse and then push the selector shaft on the gearbox all the way down, then align the adjustable rods.

Alternatively disconnect both rods, put box in reverse and column in reverse and adjust both rods.  You may then need to adjust rods to select all gears , but at least it will go in reverse!  A lot of trial and error is usually needed.  See previous mails on JowettTalk, do a SEARCH!

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