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Re: Travelling spares

Category: Technical
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Date: 07 Mar 2005
Time: 23:50:51


1 head Gasket (E) Solder for head studs (E) Instant gasket Inner and outer valve spring (N), never needed one!! But take a valve spring cap. Valve stem cones (N) but make sure the ones you have on are not worn! Inlet and exhaust valve (P) unless the valve seats are bad. If you drop a valve it is going to do more damage than you can repair. Pushrod (E) particularly if you are bombing down a motorway Fan belt (P) but I have never needed one Con rod bearings (N) (Unless you intend doing 10000 miles) more likely is the rear main Con Rod tab washers (N) Take Loctite thread lock and use everywhere when assembling. Also do a spanner (nut) check before leaving. Accelerator cable (P) but plumb it in. Oil filter seal (N) but filter housing seal *3 (E) I would take oil seals for front and rear wheels and possibly front wheel bearings (unless you have used Addmax B3 grease). 4x Water transfer washers (E) Do not fit with gasket sealer! Radiator hoses (P) but fit new ones first. Oil cooler take bypass pipe. 18swg wire (E) plus some insulated wire and tape. Petrol pump diaphragm and gasket (N) Take a complete pump either mechanical or electrical and a length of petrol pipe.(E) Gearbox plunger and rocker arm.(N) but a pair of selector forks. Fuses (E) Bulbs all (E) Condenser, contact points (P) but better is a complete distributor with leads and ignition coil, tested and marked for immediate insertion. Take timing light as well. (E) If you are doing any night driving a dynamo or alternator advisable. The list had a total lack of brake parts!!! 3 types of brake springs(e) Master cylinder and one each of all brake cylinder kits. Check you brake shoes before you go!! Selection of springs, clutch, accelerator (fit a second anyway), brake return.(E) Selection of nuts and bolts, inc wheel nuts. Wheel Inner tube.(E) Flexi Brake pipe front and rear (P) Carb float and needle(E) Spare car keys (E) Hub puller (p) heavy but useful. Multi-meter.(E)

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