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Re: Javelin carbs

From: kc
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Category: Technical
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Date: 07 Mar 2005
Time: 22:42:54


I presume you have Zenith carbs? No they should not be dry. There should be a gasket on top but not at the side, unless you count the gasket under the emulsion block. If you have a mechanical pump manually pump until the chambers are full. If they do not fill then there is a problem with the needle valve or filter. Pump with chamber off and make sure petrol comes through. If they keep on filling, push needle valve closed. If it does not close lap in or get a new one. If it does stop shake the float and make sure there is no petrol in it. Or make sure there are sufficient washers under the needle valve. then you need to check all jets are correct size and not blocked. Of course ther can also be problems with the emulsion block and the many passage ways in the carb. They can be reconditioned. I find it easier to swap with a known good one.

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