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Re: I found this info on heater mod.

From: george garside
Category: Javelin
Remote Name:
Date: 02 Mar 2005
Time: 23:08:59


This looks like the mod Horace Grimley told me about,however I think that the heater return pipe should be connected to the pipe between the rear of the cyl heads by another T piece, i.e. the new cross pipe should have 2 T pieces, one for the new bypass pipe from the thermostat(which is housed in the top of the water pump casting where the top hose starts)and one for the heater return pipe. It is vital to either solder up one of the holes in the thermostat or to replace it with one with only one hole and of co;urse of the correct opening temperature. With this system, which is in principle the same as most modern cars, the water will circulate round the engine and through the heater whilst the thermostat is closed, effectively cutting t;he radiator out of t;he circuit & giving much faster warm up and thereby more hot water to the heater within a much shorter distance. Horace reconed that the heater functioned well after about a quarter of a mile from cold!

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