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I found this info on heater mod.

From: rob.
Category: Javelin
Remote Name:
Date: 02 Mar 2005
Time: 21:43:50


On to each of the water inlet pies on the rear of the crankcase braze a half inch pipe.Make up a "T" piece from half inch pipe and fit with rubber hose half way between the inlet pipes.Bore a 1/4" hole in the heater outlet tap boss on the water pump and braze a length 1/2"pipe over this hole.Connect this pipe to the "T" piece between the water inlet pipes.The bleed holes on the thermostat can now be soldered up again and the feed of hot water through this new circuit will operate the thermostat correctly.I copied this from an old Jowett owners handbook,compiled by the JJC.This mod was to have been introduced on Javs just prior to the close of the factory. Where is this thermostat,and how is it removed,i already have a pipe that joins up the two rear crankcase pipes. Cheers rob.

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