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Shock absorbers

From: Tony fearn
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Category: Pre War
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Date: 02 Mar 2005
Time: 02:22:32


At the last (Aug 2004) Jowett employees' re-union meeting at Bradford, I spoke with a long-time friend, Geoff Duce, about his modifications to the rear shock absorbers of his pre-war car which he said worked a treat. Does anyone have drawings and specifications needed for the mounting brackets etc., and the type of gas-filled shockers to enable this modification? I have recently replaced "Mary Ellen's" back springs with a modified set of Bradford springs obtained from JCS**. Needless to say they are quite 'active' as Hilary and I (even together) don't weigh 10 cwt+!! Perhaps the rear Luvax shockers are coming towards their sell-by-date. I am not averse to keeping my car running in the 21st century by adopting more recent modifications. All sugestions gratefully received. Tony. ** JCS have (had) a number of Bradford springs at very very (and very x infinity) reasonable prices. For the pre-war cars they have to be "fettled" as the centre-bolt is not equi-distant on the leaves from the bushes at the end of the top leaf. Nevertheless with a bit of ingenuity most of the leaves can be replaced. I suggest you buy a set or two now, and fettle them in the future whenever you need them. Alternatively, buy a copy of a current Classic Car magazine and email the restorers of springs and then marvel at how they can charge what they do. But do so quickly. When you see the price differential you'll kick yourselves if you haven't sourced them from your Club's Spares Scheme before they've all gone. Regards, Tony.

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