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Re: Javelin heater

From: george garside
Category: Javelin
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Date: 28 Feb 2005
Time: 18:25:22


It's not the heater thats the problem, it's the lack of hot water due. I think< to the lack of a thermostat bypass system. Horace Grimley came up with an arrangement which he told me should have gone on the '54 cars and I put this on one of my Javelins many years ago but can't remember the exact layout but it did vastly inprove both the amount of heat and the distance required to reach working temperature. Somebody must have full details of this mod.The point is though, that fitting a larger/more modern/or whatevr heater will not do much good.The electric plug in veriety are only about 150 watts and may be ok to demist the windscreen but not much else.

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