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Re: 7HP electricaL items

From: Ken Rogers
Category: Technical
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Date: 31 Jan 2005
Time: 13:40:44


Hello,Ian! I've only just read your reply today. Is your car a tourer or saloon, fabric or coachbuilt, short (7ft) or long (8'6'') wheelbase? From the engine number it would certainly appear that it is a 1930, but I am just intrigued as to the model. From my experience with the Kingfisher, you cannot always tell from specifications in the brochures, ie, mine has a '33 chassis and engine number, which according to the brochure should have 12V electrics, a starter on the dash, rubber engine mountings and hydraulic shocks, yet it has the '32 spec. ie, 6V, floor starter, rigged engine mounts and friction shocks; even the original colour scheme ties in with '32 instead of '33. I am told by reliable sources within the club that Jowett carried on using previous years parts, which makes it difficult to know just how a pre-war car left the factory. Hope to hear from you soon.

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