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Re: Two Jups to rescue

From: Tony Fearn
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Category: Buy and Sell
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Date: 29 Jan 2005
Time: 22:48:19


Hi Keith. Wonderful photos of what my wife Hilary calls "not another pile (or two) of scrap metal, even though this time some of it will be aluminium, and rather 'up-market'. It sets the pulse racing as always when I see such basket cases. Bernard Gillett and myself spent a number of years some time ago 'dragging' various Jowetts in just this state, or even much worse, especially the pre-war cars. We even 'dragged' a Bradford, from Warrington I think, as it was really and honestly going to be scrapped even though Bernard's interest is mainly Javelin, and mine has been always pre-war. These days we rest on our laurels, and zimmer frames, at least I do, even though Bernard has a couple of years on me!! I'm sure some-one will take on these two Jupiters, unless they are what's known as 'silly money'. It seems that they should be easy to move. Some of the Javelins that we have moved had sunk up to their axles in mud. Perhaps the succesful buyer will write to this forum and let us know their fate. Regards, Tony Fearn

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