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wrinklies on the WWW

From: Tony Fearn
Fromemail: fearnfamily@btinternet.comnospam
Category: Pre War
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Date: 20 Jan 2005
Time: 00:45:21


From our Club website in the deeper recesses, and nd not necessarily pre-war:- ""The text search engine allows queries to be formed from arbitrary Boolean expressions containing the keywords AND, OR, and NOT, and grouped with parentheses. For example:-----"" Na then! How many of us north of Watford understand this sort of language? I'd be very interested to know. If all the rest of the Jowetteers who subscribe to the Net do, then it's me at fault and I'll shut up. What's that you say - it's only me that can't understand the jargon? Oh well, I'll just have to revert to Queen's English. Mr. Boole (aka Tony Fearn)

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