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Re: jowett 7 brakes

From: Bryan Walker
Category: Technical
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Date: 14 Jan 2005
Time: 10:04:01


Hi Ken, just checked in the 'modern motor repair ' manuals from late '30's. It talks about adding the Bands on the outside of the drums as a possible solution,but first check that the shoe anchorage pins are well lubricated. The metal bands if fitted should be of the ribbed type. Also the early MG's and rovers used damping devices on the shoes. the MG consisted of lead segments fitted to the web of the shoes held in place by light springs. (see if you can pick up an early mg shoe to look at and copy). Othe methods used but can affect the braking power are: 1. Insertion of hard rubber sheet between the linings and the shoes. 2. The grooving of the brake linings across the shoe at intervals, or fitting of the linings in two pieces with a short gap between. Bryan

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