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Re: jowett 7 brakes

From: Tony Fearn
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Category: Pre War
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Date: 11 Jan 2005
Time: 21:31:15


Hello again Ken. Years ago I came across some 1" x 1/8th black bar items which were bent in a circle to fit the outside of the pre-war brake drums. They had a 90 degree upstand at each end and there was about a 1/2" gap between these ends. The upstands were drilled to take a nut and bolt, perhaps 5/16ths, and the circle of flat steel was supposed to fit over the outside of the drum and be tightened up by the bolt. It was suggested to me that these rings were fitted to eliminate squealing! Never tried them myself, and going on my last effort of trying to help, some one with much more knowledge than me will hopefully write in. I personally never minded about the squealing, it always got a look. They might throw the wheel balance out though at 70 mph! Regards Tony

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