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Re: Jowett Twin Cylinder Engine

From: geoorge garside
Category: Pre War
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Date: 09 Jan 2005
Time: 22:53:34


Hi Elizabeth, Your engine is not 1935 but is a post war Bradford engine made in 1950. The E signifies the fifth decade and the 0 means 0 therefore E0 is 1950. CC stands for commercial third series (earlier series CA & CB) The number is the one given to Bradford engines in numerical order or production. The Bradford range consisted of van, lorry,utility (van with windowsd & seats) and utility delux (posher version of utility!) The Bradford although a commercial vehicle was the spiritual successor to the pre war Jowett's and your engine is from the third series which was introduced for the 1950 model year. The engine whilst following the basic design of the pre war unit was substantially different and few parts are interchangeable. The two earlier series of Bradford engines (CA & CB) had a lot more in common with the pre war unit.The Bradford was alaso available in chassiss form and chassis scuttle form to accomodate localy built bodies and I baelieve a few were sent out to Australia in nocked down form for local assembly.

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