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Re: Long Four? restoration

From: Tony Fearn
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Category: Pre War
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Date: 13 Dec 2004
Time: 00:15:21


Hello again Ian. Thanks for the offer of the inner section for the speedometer but the ends are quite specific for the pre-wars. I think I shall just send everything to Speedycables as KC kindly suggested. As to your queries about the 1930 long four that you are in the throes of restoring, you could do no better than ring Ian Priestley our Pre-war and vintage expert. He is extremely knowledgable about the cars of this period, and being a club officer has contacts over the whole pre-war and vintage scene. He has always been very happy to help anyone with problems about our era of Jowett vehicles. He runs both vintage and pre-war Jowetts himself and is a super bloke. Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year, Tony

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