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Re: Long Four? restoration

From: Ian Howell
Category: Pre War
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Date: 10 Dec 2004
Time: 16:58:23


Tony: - I have not forgotten you in the rush to get to work. I have stripped out, cut duplicates and replaced the rear of the bottom ash frames and the rear cross-timber. I have found and straightened out a badly bent cross-tube at the back - it had also pulled the nearside chassis beam out of line. All better now. (I'll tell you how if you are interested.) BUT, the chassis misalignment must have happened long before the car ceased to be used because the spring shackles and bushes were worn very unevenly oval and the bolts were equally bad. In the absence of a lathe I have fabricated replica bolts that are super - even without new bushes (coming soon). At present I am working on the brake linkages. BIG PROBLEM, the offside pivot bracket halfway along the operating rod (on a cross-tube) is broken. Looks like some tricky in-situ welding unless you know better? I still don't know exactly what it is. I will try to Email a picture soon. Best wishes for Xmas. Ian Howell The radiator is off to a specialist for estimate of a new core. With that done I shall try to fabricate replica parts for the stainless steel shell. Could be fun. The boot floor has also be replaced with identical material and new stiffeners fitted underneath. The rear half of the chassis has all been cleaned back to bare metal and painted.

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