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Re: Oil Leak

From: kc
Category: Technical
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Date: 14 Nov 2004
Time: 23:20:24


Common problem caused by the seal between the block and the filter housing. Even with my experience I have had some combinations that have consistently given trouble. You may have great difficulty removing the housing without taking the timing cover off. You need to remove the centre stud just behind the oil filler pipe unless you have modified (by grinding off the lip) or removed both tappet covers you will not be able to extract the housing backwards. When replacing I have found that you should only lightly tighten the timing cover set screws as they tend to pull the housing up at the back. It is a good idea to shim the gap between timing cover and housing so that they can be tightened without pulling the housing out of alignment. Many, including myself, have lengthened the threaded section of the two bolts holding the housing down so that more torque can be applied. Of course care must be used. The area to seal around the oil pipes is very poor. I have welded extra alluminium around one housing which helped. This is especially true of the wide bore (series 3) housing. The gasket material is also subject of some discussion. The original cork is IMHO too soft. Some have tried fitting O rings. I use a harder gasket material I make up myself but have lapped the faces of the block and housing as it does not give as much as the cork. Many still sucessfully use cork as supplied by JCS. This is one of the worst bits of Palmer design. Good luck.

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