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Jupiter Carburettors

From: Mike Allfrey
Category: Technical
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Date: 29 Oct 2004
Time: 04:01:22


Just a quick enquiry, has anyone tried fitting Peugeot Model 403 Solex carburettors to Jupiter engine? Am currently considering this change due to poor results from Zenith 30VM-5 - no top end power, but good low down; Zenith 30VM - reasonable at top end but useless due to flat spots at low revs; Zenith 30 VIG - chronic flat spots. Over the years there has been talk of Weber installations but nothing about how to go about it, seems to be of great secrecy oop there. Am building a decent engine for my Jupiter Eo/SA/42R and have desire to do something about the carburation. Has anyone considered throttle body fuel injection? Kind regards to all, and look forward to a response. Mike Allfrey. Boronia. Victoria, Australia.

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