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Re: Time clock repair

From: Chris Gibson
Fromemail: c.g.gibson@dsl.pipex.comnospam
Category: Javelin
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Date: 12 Oct 2004
Time: 17:00:16


I am in the process of designing a conversion for Smiths 4" clocks to use a quartz movement. If it works out I may be able to supply some kits for De/Luxe Javelins (at a reasonable price). Regarding extra instruments on a Standard Javelin, I fitted two similar ones to a previous Jav in about 1965. The dials were marked for horizontal orientation, my father had obtained them in the 50's to fit to his car and never got round to it. I made a new mounting plate for all the instruments by raising the existing two and inserting the additional ones below. I dispensed with the original dash plate and attemped a walnut effect by cutting a piece of Formica laminate to suit. I intended to match this with a glove box lid of the same material. The only change to the instruments was to paint the red needles black. I still have both instruments so if you want them? Sorry i've no photos but I guess you've got the idea.

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