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Re: Time marks & dwell

From: kc
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Category: Technical
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Date: 09 Oct 2004
Time: 19:26:38


Set to TDC initially. Then do a road test and go about 40mph in top up a slight incline, put your foot down and listen for pinking. Advance the micrometer adjustment until you do hear pinking and then retard a degree. I dynoed mine and for UK unleaded 21deg advance at 3000 rpm was max power. But petrol changes and it can pre-ignite at that advance. That works out to about 5deg static advance on an unworn dissie. Note distributors wear and vacuum advance may be wrong type. In fact the distributor may be the wrong type. Many replacements have come from minis, MGs and others which have wrong advance curve and vacuuum advance. The second mark is 12deg for timing chain adjustment. See manual. KC

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