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Re: Javelin Air Filter Alternatives

From: kc
Fromemail: you know
Category: Technical
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Date: 13 Sep 2004
Time: 08:54:51


I have two anular (cylindrical) filters to replace the oil bath system. This was because I had severe interference between the two carbs at 70mph plus with the standard set up. Proved it by simply running with the bonnet on safety latch. Slightly dangerous mind at 80mph! I made up a plywood base plate that contacted the two rubber cones with wire mesh and stuck the two paper filters (standard modern stuff) on that. That was with the DeLorto but see no reason why similar would not happen with other carbs. Most competitive boys have foam filters straight on the carbs anyway; but that seems to be noisier. See pictures of my Jup under mods on

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