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Jupiter badges

From: Ian Howell
Category: Jupiter
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Date: 05 Sep 2004
Time: 21:19:38


I have today been given a small chromed cast brass badge, rectangular, 2 1/2 " wide and 1 1/4" high bearing the words ' CLASS WINNER' LE MANS 24 Hrs'and then the dates 1950, 1951 and 1952 in a column in the centre with the words 'JOWETT' and 'JUPITER' in lozenges either side of the dates. Is this some sort of trophy that was attached to Jupiters afetr these wins, is it a club issue item or is there a more mundane explanation? It could have had a couple of studs on the back to fix it to something, but these could have been ground off(or they could be casting marks). Any information would be gratefully received. Thanks Ian Howell (Jowett owner since 1966, currently 1930 Long Four? More later).

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