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Re: Time clock repair

From: Eric Aldcroft
Category: Technical
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Date: 04 Sep 2004
Time: 00:29:41


Rob, I don't know whether you have a Standard or a DeLuxe Javelin; but you may be interested in my alternative to repairing the original clock on my Standard Javelin. I installed a quartz clock that was the same diameter as my original clock. It was a push fit into the hole in the dash panel. However, before putting it there I replaced it's dial with a computer-produced colour copy of the original Smiths dial. In the case of the Standard Javelin, the hour markings on the clock are on the glass front, so I added similar hour markings to my new dial in lieu of the originals. The quartz clock cost the equivalent of about 6, and for that price I have a reliable clock (I doubt that the original one can be made reliable), that also has a second hand. The only problems are that it's a little awkward to reset it and the battery is going to have to be replaced every few years! In fact, on the Standard, the thing is bloody useless anyway since it's immediately below the ignition switch and your JCC key fob hangs right in front of it! I know the DeLuxe situation is somewhat different and the clock is much larger, but I suspect that with a little ingenuity, you could do the same sort of thing. The quartz clocks are readilly available, usually from vendors that supply woodworkers (who stick them into a piece of nice looking wood and then sell them at a considerable mark-up). If you are looking for suppliers on the Internet, they call the things clock "fit-ups" on this side of the Atlantic. You can see a picture of my clock on my website -- specifically at: under the heading "Instruments".

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