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Re: Javelin in first gear

Category: Technical
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Date: 03 Sep 2004
Time: 13:11:04


Yes; it went cleanly into all the gears, using gently pressure and 'feel'. As you say, I had to stop and then engaged first, then it would not come out of fisrt, although you could attempt to engage third! On inspection the sweep of the selector lobe on the vertical shaft into fisrt, is more greater than the movement into second. The 3rd / 4th selector flat plate had side score marks. These tended to indicate that the 'lobe' could move vertially down the box, out of the fisrt position, and then around into 3rd / 4th. I have hard welded metal to the 3rd slider where this could occur. Hope to re-build the box this weekend. I will check for foul ponts first. Thanks for your concern.

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