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An interesting Horn problem?

From: Eric Aldcroft
Category: Javelin
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Date: 31 Aug 2004
Time: 16:23:53


I have just done the first few short test drives in my Javelin. (I believe it to be the first time the car has been on the road in about 40 years). Anyway, the first glitch to reveal itself was the horn sounding at certain positions of the steering wheel. I have determined that this has nothing to do with the horn push and more surprisingly that it only happens when the front suspension is loaded, i.e. with the wheels on the ground! So it appears that the slipring is somehow shorting out, although it looks fine when I examine it through the brush mounting "window". I'm going to have to resort to mounting a separate horn push button on the dash; but I'm wondering if this little problem is familiar to anyone. Cheers, Eric Aldcroft

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