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Re: Engine oil SAE 30

From: kc
Category: Technical
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Date: 30 Aug 2004
Time: 10:46:25


You can still get it ask for straight SAE 30. Heritage oils do an expensive no additives one. Many people use 20/50. Arguments have raged over whether this destroys the synchro rings and brass components in gearboxes. Should be OK for engine. Modern oils have so many additives they should do the lub job well under cold start and hot running better than the old oils. A better oil filter has also been fitted by some to get rid of the larger particles. Most Jowett engines foul the oil very quickly due to poor piston ring sealing. So it is probably better to use a cheap oil and change it every 2000 miles than use an expensive one and leave it in there for 5000. Oil is a compromise. If you only do short journeys a detergent light oil SAE 20 is better. If you do long high speed journeys then a thicker SAE 40 with high temp additives is better. If you do both use multigrade 20/50.

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