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Re: Tyre problems

From: kc
Category: Technical
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Date: 15 Aug 2004
Time: 21:25:55


Check the clearance is the same on both sides. If not the panhard rod rubbers made need adjusting. Also check the tyres do not rub on the rubber boot at the top of the front suspension if metal suspension type. Aslo make sure they do not fould anything on full lock or full bump. Sometimes fitting the 175 (which is really too large for the rim) on the small rim causes the tyre to spin when braking on the rim (because of the lubricant used to fit) this can damage the tube. Drive carefully and pump up to 40 psi for the first few weeks. Your tyre vendor should be able to advise on the correct size for a 3.25 inch rim. Go to a specialist dealer if you want correct tyres but they will be expensive.

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