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Re: Head Gaskets

From: kc
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Date: 19 Jul 2004
Time: 23:23:08


Well of course the original had coper on one side! I know some people who used solid copper and used to use over and over again, annealing them each time. I do not know what compression ratio, pinch or what state the block and head were in, but they must have been happy unless they were reusing because there was a problem. One issue may be burning away in the combustion chamber, normally there is a steel ring to protect against the heat around the exhaust port. I think steel might be too unmaleable and not seal with the notoriously non-flat block, head and liners. I would do some tests compressing the copper and compare with the hallite or asbestos/copper to see the deformation at 35ftlbs and then set the protrusion height of the liners (with solid copper shims) accordingly. Next thing we will be doing is photocopying them!

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