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Head Gaskets

From: Philip Dingle
Fromemail: Pdingle@comcast.netnospamplease
Category: Technical
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Date: 16 Jul 2004
Time: 13:26:27


I have made a pretty accurate CAD drawing of the Jupiter cylinder head gasket, and sent it to Cometic for a quote ( The website indicates that they can laser-cut gaskets from a number of material specifications including multi-layer steel, copper (dead soft), and polymer coated steel. After much chasing, I have at last got their quote, which I think is quite reasonable, but they have proposed making the gasket from the copper, rather than MLS or coated steel. What do people feel about copper head gaskets for the Jowett engine? Have other people tried it? Any problems with corrosion with the aluminium crankcase? Are new liner protrusion dimensions recommended; if so, what? Any other comments? I am also getting a quote for non-asbestos exhaust gaskets too.

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