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Re: Javelin Hydro Mechanical brakes

From: Robin Fairservice
Category: Javelin
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Date: 09 Jul 2004
Time: 16:56:38


To update this saga. I have another master cylinder from Eric Aldcroft and have installed it. When I had done, and before I refilled the system with brake fluid, I happened to look at the diagram in the Girling maintenance instructions, and I was amazed to see that both of our master cylinders are the wrong way round, with the yoke at the end where the rubber boot is. I sent pictures to Vic Morrison in NZ and he says that they are wrong. Now I took the yoke off, but cannot see how to put it on the other end without some sort of adaptor,and similarly I would need some sort of threaded connector to screw the rubber boot end onto the brake rod. Are left hand drive cars different, although I cannot see why?

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