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Re: Javelin Hydro Mechanical brakes

From: kc
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Category: Technical
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Date: 29 Jun 2004
Time: 11:23:30


I will come over. Seriously, they are not that difficult to repair yourself. The hardest bit is getting it off. The easiest is to take out the seat and floor and then you can get at the brake pipes more easily. But it can be done without doing that if you have small hands and the correct spanners (wrenches). You can either drain the fluid out or plug the brake reservoir outlet with a pencil or similar plug. Personally I would drain and fill with silicone fluid, but you must get all the old fluid out from all the wheel cylinders with an air line and/or removing and cleaning. Anyway, release the feed and exit pipes taking care not to break them, which could be a problem if they have never been off. Release the pedal and the fixing to the chassis and remove the MC. Clean the outside of the MC well. Cleanliness is very important with brake bits. Disassemble the MC. Refer to the web pages. If you have problems post here. Make absolutely certain the new seals are exactly the correct size. I have had some which may have been incorrectly boxed. Check the condition of the piston and cylinder after cleaning well. New pistons are available. Reassembling is not very difficult just make sure you put everything back in the correct order and the right way around. Good luck.

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