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Steering arms.

From: Keith C.
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Category: Technical
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Date: 13 May 2004
Time: 22:50:31


Tried to fit the wheels made for the desert marathon onto the Javelin last week in preparation for Jim Miller's visit. The track rod ball joint ever so slightly touched the wheel rim on one side while a good 1cm away on the other. No it was not the steering ball height adjustment which even when wound all the way down it still just touched. I changed the arm checking that it was the correct part number for a Javelin nearside Right Hand DRive. Jup and LHD and offside make six different steering arms possible! Now I would have thought that the steering track rod balls should be in exactly the same place relative to the wheel on both sides of the car, but apparently not. Any ideas why? My knowledge of Ackerman etc is obviously lacking where Jowetts are concerned. As yet I have not changed the stub axle which is the same for Jup as IMHO is the only other part that could make a difference. I did swap wheels but must double check that as well.

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