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Re: Gearbox Problems

From: kc
Fromemail: kc
Category: Technical
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Date: 04 Feb 2004
Time: 23:18:35


I AM an expert having rebuilt them about 30 times but not had this problem before. The grinding seems to relate to the synchro ring slipping and not synchronising the speed of the synchro (part item 598 on the gear wheel (part item 590); could be the synchro and wheel have not been lapped together or may mean a spring is jammed. The grinding is caused by the part 597 hitting the gearwheel while it is moving relative to it. The vibration issue could be caused by almost anything worn or out of line since in top gear drive does not go through the layshaft but I would suspect bearing (Item 668) or even the bush inside the flywheel. It could even be something further down the train such as the layrub since the vibration wave length is different. Either of thes bearings being worn might cause the top gear grinding as the synchro would be out of line.

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