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Re: Gearbox Problems

From: Philip Dingle
Fromemail: Pdingle@comcast.netnospam
Category: Technical
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Date: 17 Jan 2004
Time: 20:22:56


Scott; I am no expert on the gearbox, but I will have a shot: First make sure the clutch is properly adjusted and not dragging when disengaged. I am sure it is OK, or there would be problems in the other gears too; but check it anyway. After that, I would suspect the synchromesh cone. It is either shot, or the synchro-hub is not able to engage the cone on the clutch shaft because it reaches a stop first, but continued selector movement is still able to engage the clutch dog teeth which will be still spinning unrestrained. Beyond that, perhaps the mainshaft nose bearing is bad, causing too much drag between main and clutch shafts? It sounds as if the gearbox may have to come out :-{ Philip.

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