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Gearbox Problems

From: Scott Renner
Category: Technical
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Date: 17 Jan 2004
Time: 05:47:19


I need some advice on a fresh rebuild of a J box I purchased at the Scottish JCC rally in 2000. In spite of adjusting the levers to both extremes, 4th gear will not engage without massive grinding. It almost sounds like I'm trying to shift into reverse! This occurs at any speed and all RPM. It also gets a vibration in 4th which is not present in 3rd at the same road speed or at the same RPM. This may or may not be related to the shifting problem. My guess is that something is not spinning when the driveshaft is rotating the output shaft, resulting in the synchro grinding as it tries to engage. What could be biding/not turning that should be turning? All questions, comments and suggestions appreciated!

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