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Northern Section Christmas Lunch

From: John & Barbara Atack
Category: Social
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Date: 16 Dec 2003
Time: 00:43:52


Please can I take the opportunity of posting a word of thanks? The purchase of a Bradford, and thus the fifth Jowett owned by the Atack household, gave me the chance to attend the 2003 AGM in Coventry and to renew my membership,which lapsed in 1971. As a result we attended the Northern Lunch on Dec. 7 last. It was like coming home. We both were made to feel very welcome by our return to the fold. It was a comfort that this was evidenced not only by the 'Northerners' (e.g. Keith Weir, The Mitchells, The Midgleys, Mr. K. in Keighley and Mr. R. of Huddersfield, (Mechanics and Purveyors of Jowetts to the Nobility & Gentry), but also by others who had travelled from darkest Lancashire and beyond. This includes the Joweteer Editor who had taken route instructions from somebody who lived in Littleborough and consequently arrived late as the result of the altitude affecting his hearing aid. It was an impressive gathering and we'd like to thank all concerned for their effort in putting together a splendid afternoon.

John & Barbara Atack

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