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jupiter convertible top wood

From: Keith Murphy
Category: Jupiter
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Date: 25 Nov 2003
Time: 07:22:18


Hello I have located a specialist in fabricating structural car wood that is willing to make the special shaped wood parts for the convertible top frames of Jupiters. I have already made two sets out of ash, and worked out most of the shaping problems with the shops owner. The finished prototype sets when compared to my original insect and water damaged originals, make all the time and trouble worth while. I have also worked with a wood dash specialist that originally fabricated a dash for Bernard Jowett, and I have improved on his old patterns and even made the dash pull drawer cover face as well. The base is made from indestructable marine plywood, all dash edges are fully painted, brown were the wood vernier grain is not seen, new chrome hinges for the glove box door, and the glove box door is a work of art, wood grain on both sides. Four have been made so far, and one (1)Brasilian Rosewood dash, my favorite for sheer beauty, is currently available with matching drawer front and glove box door.I believe the price would be $475USA.These dashes are art work,true concourse quality, and not a boyscout summer camp project. The specialist would consider another run at a special price if a minimum order could be made,your choice of verneers,mix and match, price still to be determined.

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