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Jav for sale Bedfordshire UK

From: Dave Troughton
Category: Buy and Sell
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Date: 02 Nov 2003
Time: 16:52:23


My father has owned a Javelin for some years, but has to clear his garden due to complaints.

There is a Javelin (GMJ 674) which was complete when left but has become derelict through exposure to the elements. It was featured, along with it's Jupiter stablemate (OPW 456), in a 1973 edition of Car magazine. The owner at the time was a local garage proprietor, Bill Jansen who painted them both orange (BMC Marigold!) after building the Javelin from two scrap deluxes (GMJ 674 and EFN 553). I have seen the Jupiter at various shows and in magazine articles it having been restored to concours after it was sold by Bill.

Dad bought the Javelin when Bill retired in 1977, intending to restore, but as ever.....

Anyway, we wouldn't want to scrap it unless some one had the opportunity at least to use it for spares: I can arrange transportation (for cost of fuel) if required if anyone wants to contact me on this email address or my mobile (07768 107161) I'd be very happy to give them any more information.

There was a whole cars worth of spares as well as the car itself, but although these are generally in poor condition, it may be worth a rummage.

The car is in Flitwick, Bedfordshire.

Best Regards

Dave Troughton

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