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Re: Hydraulic tappets

From: Eric Aldcroft
Category: Technical
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Date: 21 Oct 2003
Time: 23:46:56


Just to wrap up this thread that I started! I did go through a process of adjusting the push rods in order to get the correct duration of valve opening in accordance with the timing diagram in the Manual. (The method used involved using a dial gauge with timing marks on crankshaft pulley as per a mirror image of the timing diagram). The changes required were generally fairly small. I made adjustments with the engine cold and then checked at least one cylinder when it was hot. I didn't find a significant difference. Following adjustment, there was no clearance left in the valve train. I think also that my earlier problems were complicated by some ignition timing problems i.e. slipping or some sticking of the vacuum advance. Anyway, everything seems to be pretty good now. The engine starts easily, revs well and at higher speed I think its running a bit cooler and there is substantially less spitting. So my emphasis now will switch from the engine to the body of my car. Only when I get the thing on the road, will I really be able to tell if the performance is acceptable! Thanks for your comments, Philip & Keith.

Eric Aldcroft ( )

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