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From: Keith Clements
Fromemail: keith@jowett.netnospam
Category: Technical
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Date: 18 Oct 2003
Time: 05:56:37


Whilst driving Joe Caudo's Jupiter I pondered on the flow around a closed thermostat. With no heater connection there is only leakage passed the small hole and this must strain the water pump. I have seen some mods that have taken a hose direct from the pump to bypass the rad and enter by No 3 cylinder. I figure you would need an open-when-cold thermostat in this tube to get proper cooling. I think John Blankley has the best answer which is an thermostaically controlled electric water pump in each of the bottom hoses and dispense with the Jowett pump and thermostat altogether. If the thermostats were in each head (as I have on my Jup)then each head would get the appropriate cooling. Gerald Palmer said to me his cooling design was what he regretted most. Joe's car only had an electric fan off a dynamo so struggled to keep the engine cool. Tony George and I temporarily fitted a mechanical fan to ease the amps. However, since then the weather has not been hot since, the radiator never got warm. Without oil or head temperature sensors it is difficult to know if the engine runs at the correct temperatures; either too cold because the thermostat is missing or open or too hot because it is stuck closed.

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