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Re: Hydraulic tappets

From: Eric Aldcroft
Category: Technical
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Date: 15 Oct 2003
Time: 21:04:57



Thanks a lot for the information from the 1950 Manual. All my copies of the manual are later versions and are silent on adjusting hydraulic tappets. Should I take the tappets out again (as I did last week), and empty them I will certainly try adjusting the pushrods that way.

I initially adjusted for mininimal clearance -- about 0.002", but there was quite a bit of clatter at that point. So I then went just beyond zero clearance and the clatter disappeared. All of the valves do appear to close properly. The only thing I haven't adjusted on the carbs is the mixture, because it seems to be running well with the nominal setting from the Manual -- two turns out. Maybe I'm going to have to take the tappets out again!

Eric Aldcroft

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