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Re: Jowett Oilpumps

From: kc
Category: Technical
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Date: 29 Aug 2003
Time: 21:24:11


Extract from Jav handbook. Spur gear oil pump driven by skew gear from crankshaft at crankshaft speed. Normal pressure 60-70 p.s.i. after El/PC.15098. Capacity 3 galls /Min at 2,000 r.p.m. of pump at 72 inlet temperature. 10 teeth on internal gears on 1.079 P.C.D. Idler gear bore dia. 0.5002-0.4997. Outside dia. 1.278-1.279. Overall length 1 3/16. Driving gear outside dia. 1.278- 1.279. Overall length 1 3/16 Clearance between gear and cover not to exceed 0.004 (including packing). Pressure lubrication to main, big end, camshaft and rocker bearings. Leak lubrication to valve guides and springs. Splash feed to little ends and gudgeon pins. No. of free coils of oil pressure relief spring 18. Rate per inch 19 lbs. Pressure at fitted length 10 lbs. Fitted length 1 3/16. Free length 1. Dia. of wire 0.048. Internal dia. 0.233. External dia. 0.329. Relief valve opens at 70 p.s.i. Full flow filter blow off spring set at 15 p.s.i. (20 lbs.) ((20 lbs.)). Filter - tecalemit element on rear timing cover Capacity 1 pint.

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