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Jowett Oilpumps

From: Ed Wolf
Category: Javelin
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Date: 29 Aug 2003
Time: 13:29:06


I recently had cause to make up a jig to test out the pressure of a Jowett Javelin Jupiter Oil pump. The jig was half a Jowett engine block with the oilpump attached. The upward pipe to the engine block was cut and a pressure gauge applied directly at this point. By grinding down the head of a bolt I made it a push fit into the top of the distributor drive so that i could use an elcetirc drill with a small chuck openbeing to drive the pump. I reversible drill is required as the pump turns anticlockwise. What surprised me most was the ease with which the blow off valve (non adjustable type) went into action. With the standard spring and fittings it blew off at about 50 psi and aerates the oil like crazy. The drill even at slow speed produced lots of pressure but the oil supply went mostly to the bottom of the sump. Additionally a hell of a lot of oil gets squirted onto the chain. Has anyone found a cure for this problem i.e.loss of oil to the engine due to weak blow off. Clearly I can jack up the pressure with a few shims behind the spring but wonder whether there is a better solution.

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